Saturday, October 14, 2006

Instead of Portland...

Okay, so we didn't go to Portland. When I got to Costa Mesa and met up with Leiko we got some Del Taco and Deitrich's and talked about the trip and it turned out that Leiko's landlord might not be there to open up the apartment, so we discussed our options adn decided it would be better to wait than to go up there with out being sure of a place to stay. It probably would've turned out fine, but there were other considerations that made it a better idea to wait.

So anyways, we ended up touring around Costa Mesa briefly (and I got to see the Gypsy Den) and then we went to a party nearby. At the party they had a room with some drums, a bass, a guitar, and a old Wurlitzer electric piano set up and people would kinda randomly sit down and play. I didn't get any pictures of that because it was too dark and the flash would have failed to capture the ambiance of the room, but there were some candles on a table next to me...[picture no longer available]

Well, after a while the room with the instruments cleared out and I was left alone with the old Wurlitzer electric piano. I love the sound they make (I used to have one myself) so I sat down and started plunking out some tunes. After a few minutes some random guy came over and asked if I minded if he played along on the guitar. He started playing some really interesting jazz-type riffs and we started to get this sort of indie-jazz vibe going. A few minutes later this other guy, Travis, came in and gestured at the drums. I nodded emphatically and he sat down and picked up some brushes and joined in. Before I knew it , I had a guitarist, bassist, and drummer jamming along with me...and then I noticed the room filling up again. Pretty soon it was full, and when we stopped playing (this was the wierdest part) they all applauded. We played a couple more songs until the people who lived at the house started kicking people out (it was around 2am at that point). It was incredible. And...magical? I don't know. But I haven't had that much fun in a long long time.

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