Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pro/con List


  • doing a road trip on less than 1 hours notice (especially to somewhere i've never been).
  • falling asleep playing guitar.
  • warm chai in winter, cold chai in summer.
  • small brick wall coffee shops with art on the walls and my laptop (or a book).
  • falling asleep reading a book.
  • waking up reading a book?
  • stopping at some random hole-in-the-wall for coffee and breakfast on my short notice road trip.
  • live music.
  • contageous laughter that just keeps going and going.
  • postcards.
  • adventures.
  • photos of adventures.
  • taking photos at shows.
  • getting lost when i've got time to kill and accidently finding cool places.
  • giving rides to people who are walking in the heat or seem to need a lift.
  • meeting new people.
  • making new friends.
  • sharing music.
  • hearing new music.
  • Beagles named "Bounder."


  • awkward silence on the phone when you feel like you have to talk just to keep the conversation going.
  • goodbyes.
  • being lied to even if it was "for your own good."
  • music that is still shallow and cliche no matter how popular it gets.
  • angry/impatient drivers on the freeway.

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