Monday, November 06, 2006

Apples to Apples

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What a weekend! I came home pooped friday night and pretty much just changed right out of my work clothes into my pajamas and rolled into bed. And then around 9:30p or so I got a call. It was Naomie McCool (sister of the McCool geniuses Josh and Jeremy). Apparently her and her fiance, Keith Grimm (of the legendary fairy tale writing Grimm's) were on their way to Arizona to visit family when their car broke Indio...on Jackson and 44th. I got dress as quickly as I could to get out there. I had a few memories of Jackson and 44th - none of them pleasant. Plus I was excited to see Keith and Naomie - I don't see them often. Well, to make a long storie short, the adventures that followed included a drunk guy at the circle K, a tow rope from Walmart, a gas station attendant that looked like Colonnel Sanders, squeezing the three of us in my truck (alot), a casino buffet breakfast, barnes and noble, a mechanic that could have played a doctor on Gray's Anatomy, a trip to my mom's in Idyllwild, playing a new board game called Apples to Apples, watching Peter Pan (the 2003 movie version), Trader Joe's, learning how to make vanilla bean sauce, bruschetta, wine, Cassidy Teresa and Nicole, pesto pizza, hummus, pretentious beer, tiramisu, game night (Apples to Apples again), good music, great friends, and all kinds of awesome conversation. The whole story would take forever to tell. Hopefully Keith's car will be fixed by today as they need to get back home eventually, but in the mean time I have had an awesome time with them. I love my friends.

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