Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Music Update

Speaking of getting my creative flare back, I am getting really inspired and excited about music again. Yeah, so...I bought a bass.That's it on the right. I saw it at a pawn shop with a price tag that said $129.99, but I haggled a little bit and got it for $65. Not a bad deal. It sounds pretty sweet too. In addition I picked up a cheapy basic four-track since apperrently the model I wanted from the 1970's has reached the end of it's life span. Every single one I have tried to buy turns out to be dying of the same thing that killed mine. Their kind is vanishing from the world, so I have to move on. Anyhow, keep an eye on the music page of this site for new songs and re-mixed / remastered versions of some old ones.

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