Sunday, April 08, 2007

15 Things I Like About My Home Town: Fullerton, CA

(in no particular order)

1.) Hearing live music in the air at night.
2.) The fact that Fender Guitars was founded here
3.) The Train Station
4.) Rudabegorz
5.) The family of brilliant, creative, and good people that I know there
6.) Out of Vogue & Otto
7.) The sense of community and identity
8.) The Fox Fullerton Theater
9.) The Library - especially the children's Library; one of the best around.
10.) The vintage houses with the full-width front porch whose hipped roof is supported by tapered wooden pillars...
11.) George's Burgers
12.) Back alley clubs and bars
13.) I can walk to the house I was born in. Seriosly. I was birthed there.
14.) OCTA Route 43 (oh, the memories...)
15.) The safety and comfort of beng able to walk the streets at night

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