Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top 20 Songs

1."Postcards from Italy" - Beirut
2."Pass the Music" - The Movies
3."Cash" - The Movies
4."Strange Lights" - Deerhunter
5."Tuxedo Hat" - The Octopus Project
6."Always for You" - The Album Leaf
7."Ship the Majestic Suffix" - Danielson
8."Did I Step on Your Trumpet" - Danielson
9."Vietnam" - The Happy Hollows
10."Hey Now Now" - The Cloud Room
11."Worried Shoes" - Daniel Johnston
12."We Can Have It" - The Dears
13."Meteors" - The Happy Hollows
14."The Adjuster" - The Octopus Project
15."Rebellion (Lies)" - The Arcade Fire
16."Sleep The Clock Around" - Belle & Seabatian
17."My Tiger My Heart" - Boy Least Likely To
18."Cowbell" - Tapes n' Tapes
19."Worried Shoes" - (Daniel Johnston cover by Danielson & Sufjan Stevens)
20."A No No" - Danielson

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