Monday, October 08, 2007

Latest Music Picks

I've been hearing so much new music lately it's been hard to make a good top 10 list. This is more of a sampling than a a true top 10 favorite songs list - plus it is only taking recent acquisitions into account. So here they are in no particular order:

1. Punkrocker - The Teddybears (featuring Iggy Pop)
Even though this is a great song, the Teddybears have been pretty much hit and miss and obviously the appearance of Iggy Pop on this track is half the appeal.

2. Cool Kids Keep - American Analog Set
This song appears on the Electronic Acoustic (Electracoustic)compilation and is a great example of the great sound and songcraft of American Analog Set.

3. The Plot That Weaves - The Brothers Martin
All the best of Jason Martin (Starflyer 59) and Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric) in one great pop song. For fans of either or both this is a must hear.

4. Mistaken For Strangers - The National
I was a little late hearing this, it's been out for a while. Good stuff.

5. Chicago - Sufjan Stevens
This guy is taking over. I heard this song in Carl's Jr. a week ago. I couldn't believe it. Why am I surprised? It's a brilliant song. I have to remember to add this to my "Anthems" playlist.

6. Homecoming - The Teenagers
An ode to "Summer Nights" from the musical Grease, this is probably the best pop song that will never be played on the radio and not because The Teenagers' music is so hard to get ahold of. This song's lyrics, set in a perfect blend of hooks, beat, and color, are some of the raunchiest lyrics of any song in my collection - and yet, they are brilliant.

7. Melody Day - Caribou
This song, from the album Andorra, stands out on first listen as one of the most readily likable songs while most of the rest of the album is better appreciated on the second listen. The whole album is really brilliant and separating one song from the whole is almost an injustice as the songs flow together so well.

8. Golden Skans - Klaxons
Another group I was late hearing, Klaxons demonstrate good pop sensibilities as well as a sense for musical drama without "over-doing it."

9. The Cold, The Dark, and The Silence - Sea Wolf
This song comes from Get To the River Before It Runs Too Low which is definitely one of the best albums released this year. Sea Wolf is leading the pack when it comes to Silverlake-brand Americana melancholy folk rock.

10. Astronaut - Luna
This is from Close Cover Before Striking - another album I was late picking up. I can see this fitting in nicely with both my "post-new-wave" collection and my "Americana melancholy folk rock" collection.

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