Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

So, in case you haven't heard, I am in the process of becoming a long haul truck driver. It's been a long road already; I am in my second month of what was advertised as a six week commercial driver's licensing program since my entire class failed the DMV test the first time around. I have pretty much liquidated my assets selling off what home furnishings I had, moving out of my apartment, and putting my toyota on "Non-Operative" status at the DMV. At the moment, all my time is dedicated to passing the DMV test and getting on the road. Many have asked why I have chosen truck driving. Well, I think it's the same reason anyone choses what they do. Part necessity, part opportunity, part novelty, and maybe part insanity as well. Seriousl though, I am excited about it. The daily change of scenery, the sense of freedom (whether real or imagined), the ability to do my job well regardless of my mood (the importance of this is often under-rated), and of coarse the money. No doubt the novelty of the idea is a great part of the appeal but that will wear off in time, so I have to make sure there is something to enjoy beyond sheer novelty.
There certainly will be alot of challenges as well. First and foremost, being gone two weeks at a time, back for three days and gone again, tends to reek havock on one's social life. Thank god for myspace (yes I am actually thanking a deity for myspace), as well as cell phones and other modern conveniences for staying in touch (like postcards). True, they're a poor excuse for the real thing but I don't intend to be a long haul driver for ever either. I guess we'll see what really happens. Either way a Class A Commercial Driver's License is very valuable in the working world and opens up a whole new catagory of job opportunites almost any industry I want to work in (including the music industry). I will also have alot of time to write while on the road (not to mention a good deal of inspiration) and I intend to make some headway on some of those projects, not the least of which is one I started recently tentatively titled, "The Bridge." It looks to be a novel that's part fantasy, part reality, part philosophy, psychology, biography, etc. We'll just have to see where it goes.
As always, this whole adventure is just one more chapter in the journey. I really don't know how it will go, but I am hoping for the best as I tend to prefer happy endings. Until then, I am sure I will have more stories to come some triumphant, some not-so-much, but even when one must prepare for the worst, still, hope for the best.

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