Saturday, January 05, 2008

My New Home

Day 70
Day before yesterday I moved in to my new home - a one bedroom / no bathroom Columbia class Freightliner truck! Actually its more like a studio than a one bedroom. Luckily it came with a refridgerator so I can start saving money on food right away. It has two bunks, a closet, pantry, and a place to set my laptop. The stereo leaves a little something to be desired but I can upgrade when I get it to Fontana, CA. I also need to do something about the decor. Everything is econo/plastic-grey. Now, I can't paint, but maybe some pictures? Brightly colored drapes? The lighting kinda sucks at the moment too - I need to get on of those battery powered touch lights for my "desk" area. I thought about christmas lights, but I would have to be constantly unpluging them to save electricity whenever I shut my truck off. Draining my truck's battery is a constant concern singe I don't have a APU (Auxilary Power Unit). I'm still not sure what my fridge does when the truck is shut down. Either it shuts off, or it drains the battery. Both would be bad, but I'd rather it just shut off. As far as I know you can't exactly "jump start" a truck like this.
Maybe I should get a potted plant for my truck? I thought about gold fish too. Easier to take care of than a larger animal. We'll see.
For now I am sitting in the yard in Tacoma, WA waiting for my first load. Any time now my "Qualcom" (computer which links to the home office) will beep with a message telling me I have a load (hopefully going towards Fontana, CA). Meanwhile I am hanging out fixing/cleaning up my truck and playing on the internet. Wish me luck!

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