Friday, February 29, 2008

California Home Time Checklist

So let's see...
See the ocean (check...Huntington Beach and Newport Beach - I know, they're basically the same beach...)
See friends (check...though I did miss some people...)
See family (check...not everyone was in town)
Eat at hole-in-wall mexican food place (check)
Breathe desert air (check...though I didn't get to see Joshua Tree this time - next time...)
See Fullerton....arrrgh. Not this time. Soooo close. I passed it on the freeway a couple times but I was trying to get somewhere. I shoulda' stopped and just got some coffee or something. Just long enough to stroll down Harbor Blvd between Chapman and Commonwealth...or at least Wilshire and Commonwealth. The old Fox theatre was even showing Casablanca tonight. Rats.
See Los Angeles? (sigh) just not enough time. Oh well. Next time. One day for Fullerton and the beaches I missed, and one day for LA. Or maybe breakfast in Fullerton, a day cruising up Pacific Coast Highway from Laguna Beach to Huntington, then catch a show in LA with some friends and eat at some place like Bright Spot or something. Ah, man. I think I just laid out the perfect day. Well, almost. I didn't manage to squeeze in a library or a bookstore or record store. Hmm. Oh well.
Anyhow, it was a good visit. I got to see my brother and my friends in Palm Springs. It was fun. I started by going to Newport Beach with my friends Jeremy and Heather McCool. That was fun. I also got to see Jeremy's parents on the way there. I've known that family since I was 19 or 20. They are very dear to me. Next morning I drove to hunting ton Beach. My brother Ben and his lady Kareen took me to a Mexican food place across the street from their apartment (which is a block from the ocean) and I spent some more time hanging out at the pad looking at pictures and chatting. Kareen alos baked me some amazing chewy chocolate chip cookies to take with me. They were still chewy the next day. No idea how she does it. She said she didn't know either. Later that night in Palm Springs, Nicole and her roommate took me out to dinner and drinks at this place I'd always wanted to in Palm Springs. We shared a pizza with thin slices of pear and gorgonzola cheese, a stuffed artichoke, mussels in this incredible sauce, a gormet pot-pie, a really good cesar salad, and escargot. AmA-ZING! Good food. Severeal beers. good times. Then we hung out at their house and played Wii while I had a very well made gin & tonic. Cassidy made me an amazing mix CD which included a 2 page track list with a paragraph for each song explaining why it was on the mix. I loved it. It is currently the mix CD to beat for those of you that are making mix CDs for me...and are competitive about making mix CDs...anyways, I was also gifted with several cannisters of tea and a cute card of granny climbing out of her doileyed and laced ridden semi-truck. Cute. Me after another 50 years of truck driving...and a sex change...I woke up the next morning with a bit of a headache (must've been the Wii). Spent the rest of the time at my Mom's. Recharge time. Got to see my dog Bounder too. Still a dog. Still smells. Still constantly getting in trouble. Oh well. He's really my mom's dog anyway. Aaaaand that brings me here. Back in the truck, now with the addition of a cozy rug (more like wall-to-wall carpet in this space) and my DVD collection (which I forgot last time). Ready to roll. Better call it a night, I gotta roll out tomorrow. Goodnight!

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