Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming Home

Day 116
No matter how much I love the northwest, going back to California will always feel like coming home. The feeling of going home after being away for so long is one the sweetest sensations. Home. I forget how much I love a place until I find out I get to go back. I want to see the ocean. Huntington, Balboa, Laguna....I want to see Joshua Tree, and breath the desert air, I want to see Fullerton, my home town, the city I was born in, I want to see Los Angeles, eat at some hole in the wall greasey mexican food place downtown. I miss my friends, and my family and I want to see them too. Two days to do all of this. Technically I get four, but my arrival day counts as one, another day will be needed for maintenance, repairs, restocking, and cleaning up my truck, leaving only two real days of off time. Two days after being out for 21 days. *sigh*
I have to admit that I still love my job. It's rough alot of the time, but mostly because I am still learning. It is an adventure every day. Sometimes good, sometimes, not-so-good, but always an adventure.

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