Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Treatise On Being Eccentric

Being "lonely" is for emo kids, teenagers, and Bobby Vinton. Way too cliche. I need to think of something more original to be. Hmmm. Nothing too dramatic, and it can't be anything that would normally inspire sympathy because that would just be pathetic. Although it would be just as easy to err in the other direction and be the sort of "brave" melancholy hero who suffers silently but soldiers on anyway. That is both horribly cliche and pathetic at the same time, not to mention kinda masochistic and sick-in-the-head. Maybe I could just be eccentric? That has the advantage of at the very least being interesting, but the downside of one's company being potentially socially undesirable. Hmmm, everything has it's price I guess, and I can think of other advantages of being eccentric. If one is eccentric, though often one's immediate presence is not necessarily desired (other than for sheer entertainment), one does often become the topic of conversation, and if one succeeds in being eccentric enough, the topic of local or even broader legend, perhaps even fame. It can also be a useful...gimmick? no, let's say character promoting ones music, writings, or works of art. Very useful. But in order to avoid being unoriginal in eccentricity, it must be both believable (if not authentic), and at the same time possibly explainable as being something else entirely that has only been mistaken for eccentricity. The rational explanation, of coarse, will be invariably abandoned (due to it being way too boring) but it is important that it be there to give credibility to the eccentricity of the person. It also helps if there are multiple vague rumors as to how one came to be eccentric, none of which must be confirmable and preferably all of which should have contradictory alternate theories (also based on rumors).
It is very important that these eccentricities also be on the light/entertaining side of things rather than the dark/cryptic side. Dark/Cryptic has the disadvantage of being exceedingly socially undesirable as well as potentially disturbing and creepy (e.g. Edgar Allen Poe). In other words no one will ever want to talk to you much less hang out with you. In addition, being mysterious (contradictory to common thinking) is not socially desirable because one must always be mysterious and therefore distant; revealing the mystery immediately dissolves anyone's attraction or interest. There must be a balance in eccentricity so that one's eccentric nature is bizarre enough that people want to witness the eccentricities first hand (i.e. in person), and yet no so bizarre that once witnessed, creates a desire to be free of ones presence as quickly as possible. Thus light and entertaining while simultaneously strange and interesting.
The ideal kind of eccentricity is one that could so compliment one's natural character (and perhaps someone else's natural character) that long term relationships could be formed and reasonably maintained. It may be necessary, however to have periods of extreme eccentricity, in order to maintain the general interest in one's self and therefore encourage social interaction in larger circles.
If one happens to be somewhat naturally inclined towards solitude, so much the better as this both helps the allusion of eccentricity, and helps lessen the weight of common side effects. Also, in order to be a happy eccentric, one must not be to concerned with the criticism of others as being controversial is often an important part of being eccentric (e.g. Woody Allen). Take comfort in knowing that for your critics, you are fulfilling a basic need in their life, and for your cult following you are a hero if not a genius.
Well, time is short so In closing this reflection, I will leave you with my new mantra,
All spoons are hollowed, even when the fork has no point.
Till next week, goodnight.


  1. Hmmm... That's eccentric.

  2. Ahh, Yes, Welll, I think you hit the head on the nail!