Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was looking back through some old posts and came across a few things that gave me that warm fuzzy feeling we call nostalgia. Not that I prefer the past to the present. definitely not. I could hear the cry for help in my old posts that was screaming "Get me the hell out of this office!!" but there were plenty of blissful moments. Here are some highlights:

This is a picture of my room within just a couple months of moving into my apartment on Bird Lane. I had started out living in the master bedroom using the Ikea bed and furniture I got when I was married. That didn't last. The room was too big, too empty, too stark and didn't feel like a space that was meant to be lived in. So I switched to the smaller bedroom, ditched the furniture, and filled it with musical instruments. The white christmas lights were a nice touch too.

I also came across this list:
20 of my favorite things in no particular order.

  1. Seeing live bands that play swirling tremlulous atmospheric music that you can feel with your whole body
  2. Going to random new places with friends purely for the sake of the adventure
  3. Sitting in a comfy chair with a warm beverage on a cold day and reading a sprawling fantasy/adventure novel
  4. Writing to friends
  5. Getting letters/emails from friends
  6. Sharing music with friends
  7. Playing board games with friends
  8. Cooking/Entertaining for friends
  9. Laying down in my room and lazily making music with my guitar
  10. The sound of soft or tremelo guitar on my old 1970's amp
  11. Chocolate chip cookies (right out of the oven when they're still hot and gewy)
  12. Home-made nachos and mexican beer
  13. The sound of shoegazer/indie music on vinyl (especially starflyer 59 or radiohead)
  14. Something unexpexted and outlandishly/mischeviously funny
  15. Making mix tapes/CD's and mailing them to people
  16. Pen pals
  17. A really strange and unpredictable fantasy-fiction book or movie
  18. Watching silent films but choosing my own music music for the soundtrack
  19. Paintings with feel and color and texture that portray an emotion or something else that's elusive and abstract
  20. Talking with people who I can trust and be honest with, and being trusted and having people feel comfortable being honest with me.

The list still holds true today. Perhaps even more so. Here's to brighter days. May they be long and many.

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