Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Again!

I am Home!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
Whew! Okay (composing myself) It's been a long run. I started on September 3rd and just got back today, October 27th. I usually don't stay out that long but this was a very rewarding experience and until I find a reason not ro, I think I might stick to doing longer trips like this one. I can consolidate my home time, make more $, save more $, and just generally take things at a more steady comfortable pace. So where did I go? Geeze, let's see if I can remember...From California to Virginia, then to Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, back and forth between those two a bit, Tennessee, back to California, then to Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Washington, Utah, back to Washington, South Dakota, Nebraska, and then back to California. I'm not sure I got that all right - it seems like I'm forgetting some parts but it's pretty close. Now that I will have my lap top I will be able to update the map so you can see where I am going and so on. cool, huh?
Alright I am tired and I kinda smell so I am going to take a shower and go ro bed. Talk to you later!

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