Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dreams and Goals

In no particular order:

  • Publish a compilation of independent  desert musicians
  • Open a cafe / venue / art-space in the desert
  • Have my own music studio again
  • Start a collective / record label (publish compilations, split EPs and Vinyl LPs
  • Finish writing my book and publish it
  • Write and publish several other books
  • Write, direct, produce, star in and/or compose the sound track for a feature length independent film
  • Travel in a complete circle all the way around the world (flying as little as possible)
  • Travel on a steam-ship from New York to London
  • Walk on Mars
  • See Antarctica (very briefly)
  • See the Sahara
  • Sail on the Mediterranean
  • Meet someone worth falling in love with
  • Finish all of my unfinished recordings
  • Be an obscure indie icon
  • Teach Philosophy, English, and/or music
  • Climb El Capitan
  • Be in a band again
  • Own a house (preferably in Fullerton or some similar town)
  • Drive an El Camino
  • Meet the President
  • See Washington DC
  • Help people by opening a psychology / psychiatry / physical therapy clinic
  • maybe have a kid or two
  • maybe adopt a kid or two
  • Live for a very very very long time...maybe forever
  • and go to bed soon because I am very sleeeeeeepy....


  1. Drive an El Camino
    I want one sooo bad. Esp since watching My name is Earl. I think my dad had one as a kid for a little while. It's so white trash and amazingly awesome.

    "Meet someone worth falling in love with"

    The worth part is the most important. Sometimes it's easy to fall in love, but finding someone who's worth it is the challenge.

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    i like your list