Sunday, November 30, 2008

Infrequent Updates

My apologies readers. I have no excuse. I just haven't been updating my blog. I have been distracted by other things to play with on the internet.

So what's happened lately? Well, I have paid of almost all my debt. My two biggest outstanding loans are now paid in full and I am hacking away at one remaining smaller debt. ETA for debt free living, January 1, 2009. Next two financial goals are saving and building credit.

Meanwhile my truck driving lifestyle has become much more comfortable over the past few months. My spending allowance is a bit more generous (but still modest) and I have added several comforts to my mobile apartment (the one here behind my driver seat) including custom made bedding (thanks to my Grandma who helped and guided me in my first sewing project), an new and improved on-board dispatch computer (courtesy of Interstate), an upgraded stereo system (with a subwoofer under the driver seat), a portable DVD player, and of coarse my new  Eee PC laptop computer (it's so cute!). I also added wall-to-wall carpeting to my living space, as well as a couch bolster thing that my mom and grandma also helped me make.

I have to say that the one thing that has not improved has been my social life. It has gotten a slight boost from getting a new laptop and being able to socialize online, but there really is nothing like seeing people in person. Also, I have been staying out on the road for longer runs - two months or more at a time instead of just three weeks. This has helped my work experience to be so much more positive not to mention increasing my overall income, but even though I can spend up to a week off when I get home, I feel myself drifting from friends and family. A few I have managed to stay in touch with, and I find myself more motivated than ever to make the effort - which is nice, since a few of us Shackelfords are not great at keeping in touch, and I feel am now much better at it than I was before - but still, there are people I used to see everyday that I am now lucky if I  talk to once every couple months and that makes me sad. Not that I feel anyone has abandoned me, it's just that some people just aren't real good at keeping in touch.

That being said, on the other hand I must say that I have been seeing more of some people than I would have otherwise like my brother John and his family, and my dear cousins and friends in the Northwest, not to mention (now being motivated) family and friends I have re-connected with back home.

People are the most important thing in the world to me. I wish I had more time to get to know more people and spend more time with the people I already know. Time. That's another thing I have become more aware of. Time in itself is nothing. It's what wee do with our time that is worth so much. And for me it is now time to sleep. Till next time! Adios.

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