Friday, November 07, 2008

Restless! Restless!

My new computer is a blessing and a curse. I thought it would be harmless to put a game on there. Bad idea. I need to cleanse my new computer of all the time-eating elements that I have added since I picked it up. Another day wasted away while I clicked here and clicked there. I'm just glad I don't have any deadlines tomorrow. I can take it slow and spend all day driving with the windows down.
I'm also way behind on my paperwork and I am finally doing laundry. It's gonna be a long night but at the end I will be glad to have taken care of all the things that have been neglected over this past week. I'm going to put the computer away for a while and catch up on everything else. Then maybe I can come back to it and do the cleansing. Cast out the computer demons that keep possessing me each time I open the cursed thing. Keep it basic. Keep it simple. It's a tool, not a portal by which to live some alternate reality. This reality is just fine, thanks. Things it is good for; Writing. Music. Communication. Managing time and finances. Getting information quickly. Things it is not good for; pure recreation, finding romance, learning new devious computer skills (hacking) just for the fun of it, etc. etc. etc. I really need to use it as a tool and a tool only. Otherwise it will consume me. I think I have just been so long without a computer that I have forgotten how to control myself and how to stay off the darn thing. Plus I guess I was really excited to get a new computer. Whew! Anyways, I'm taking a break.

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  1. Excellent. I am proud of you. In a few more years, time will seem even more precious than it does to you now. I was told once that if the years from twenty to fifty seem like weeks, the years from fifty to eighty seem like seconds. Don't miss it. I love you!