Friday, December 05, 2008

It's The Little Things...

Today started well. Slept soundly, woke up at a good time, showered, ate, got on the road at a good time, made good time all the way to Portland...and then the little things started.

No parking at the Troutdale yard (abandoned 2 attempts), finally parked illegally in a lot that used to be legal to park in (it's a long story - let's skip it), next I went from the yard to my delivery (one of those don't be early but don't be late either drops) and upon my arrival discovered that for the last four days I had been forgetting that 22:00 hours means 10pm, not 11pm. Thus, thinking I was arriving 30 minutes early, I actually arrived 30 minutes late. Next, the dock door which was assigned to me was taken for some reason and I spent the next 15 minutes running between  the guard shack, the receiving office and my truck, as well as circling a very small crowded (with lots of big trucks rushing to and fro barely missing one another) dock area trying get into an open dock door before someone else did. Next, upon opening my trailer doors to prepare for docking, it is apparent that several pallets have fallen over in transit and a very large amount of freight is clearly damaged (meaning instead of going to the yard and dropping of an empty trailor after this, I get to make a bunch of phone calls, send a few forms, take the damaged freight back to the already over crowded Troutdale yard and hope there is some one there that can help me get it out of the trailer so I can drop an empty trailer and got to bed). I also discovered that I have been logging the wrong trailer number in my logbook for at least 4 days if not longer (this means I have to re-write all of those logs). I don't even want to look to see if it's more at this point. I'll do it later. This all happening while in the back of my mind I am remembering that  I am also in trouble for 12 over-speed (going over 65mph regardless of local speed limit) warnings that I just heard about yesterday.

My stress level is a little high at the moment, but I am trying to keep it under control. I just wasn't ready for all this at once. I am really not doing that bad. I have to remind myself of that. All of these are things that just happen sometimes. True I  could have double checked my paperwork and my ETA times to make sure, and I may now have this as a reminder to do that more thoroughly in the future. i don't know what I could've done about the damaged freight. Drive more gracefully? I dunno. I think that one is on the people who loaded the darn thing. (big sigh) I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll have some free damaged Gatoraide on my hands when this is over.

I am still looking forward to my day off in Portland but as seems to happen so often, work stuff is starting to encroach on my day off. For one thing I will probably get out of here pretty late. This place is notoriously slow. For  another, I just discovered I have a pile of paperwork to sort through, correct, and re-write, for another I have to drive my truck to a shop in town tomorrow for service and maybe pick it up tomorrow night as well. My precious hours of leisure in one of my favorite cities are slipping through my fingers like sand. Time  is like that I guess (another big sigh). Well we'll see where this all goes.

Things turned out ok. No damaged goods. I think I am just tired more than anything. Going to bed.

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