Thursday, February 19, 2009

Band Stuff

Just daydreaming about my one man band set up again. I think I might have a possible set-up:

gearsetup Yes I am such a nerd that I actually looked up pictures of my gear and made this in Photoshop. If it makes it any better this is more for my own reference than anything. I don't have all the pieces yet but almost. The basic idea is that this will all (theoretically) fit in my truck so that I could do music on the road. Not sure though. Even small amps take up a lot  of space. Maybe a small pa would be better. I dunno. I am excited that I finally discovered a loop pedal with all the features I am looking for including the ability to link up to a sampler (or drum machine - which is what I'd basically use the sampler for anyway) so that the loops will sync with the sampled beats. The Casiotone MT-70 I have already and it is sweet. It's one that Hot Chip uses - though I didn't realize that until after I got it. One of the greatest things about this set up is that it will allow me to faithfully perform my older songs while at the same time giving me a ton more flexibility to write new material. The loop pedal (by the way)  also allows me to make 4 separate loops that I can start and stop individually. Sweet, huh? Oh yeah, and you can pan them too. Stereo output. That accounts for two of the three amps. Of coarse, you could just manage those as two separate outputs instead of R and L stereo, but I digress....

Anyhow this is just band nerd stuff.

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  1. I like your diagram. It's good to visualize.