Saturday, March 21, 2009

I missed the beginning of the Apocalypse! Must've slept in that day...

I am often asked what kind of interesting people I meet on the road and I admit I have been remiss in my account of the various characters I run into. I intend to be much more faithful in blogging about these encounters in the future, but in the meantime I hope this one will make up for the opportunities I have missed so far.

draconian_orderToday at a truck stop in Oklahoma I met the head of the American branch of the Draconian Order (he's a truck driver). I guessed that they must claim some affiliation to the old Templars of the crusades like the Masons and Shriners (and hundreds of other societies), but according to the Draconians, those guys were just "hired swords - mere mercenaries..." and the Draconian Order (aka The Order of Light) are the "True Knights of God."  The order actually claims some affiliation with the real Count Dracula though I regret to say I didn't get a chance to explore this connection further. Apparently the order recently discovered an empty Egyptian crypt that supposedly had held the Anti-Christ, thus the events of the Apocalypse began on March 17th, 2009. Wow. We both expressed some sympathy for President Obama who besides being elected in the middle of a national financial crisis and a mess in the middle east, was also unfortunate enough to have become President during the advent of the Apocalypse. Geeze, and I thought my job was tough! This all came out in a  discussion about why freight was so slow. I guess that would pretty much explain it.

He continued the conversation with an air of someone bragging about their custom hot rod that he was also a "reader" and has been developing his clairvoyance since age 11. He entertained me further with some anecdotes which demonstrated his prowess as a clairvoyant and I was tempted to ask for a sample but I didn't want to give the impression that I was questioning his abilities. He seemed like a nice guy, describing himself as "spiritual but not religious" (remind me to watch out for that designation on dating sites in the future) and as a good person with a "Santa Claus" like affinity for children, and I gotta admit, the conversation beat "talking shop" about suicide and anti-depressants with the other truck driver who was also there. The head of the Draconian Order was kind enough to let me take a picture of his signet ring (see above), as he told me all about  the creatures (including dragons, of coarse) that existed in the world before God created light. It was a pleasant conversation, and I especially appreciated that while he extolled the virtues of his Order, he made no effort to recruit me or draw me into an argument, but simply shared the things that he was impressed by, or proud of, or especially passionate about until at length he excused himself as he was eager to get his character to the 21st level on World of Warcraft.

Just one more reason that I love my job. Now I wish I had been blogging all those years I was riding the city bus. So many stories.


  1. I wonder if they wear cool costums to their meetings? Great ring!

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the good story!