Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Me VS. My Tonsels

These things have gotta go, man. I put up with the pain and the swelling for more than a week but when I woke up gagging tonight I had to draw the line. I called a local clinic near the Tacoma, WA Interstate Yard and the nurse told me I should just go to the ER so here I go. The midnight fleet manager didn't want me driving there but there's no way this calls for any personal medical escort with flashing lights on it (too expensive - I think they must charge extra for the flashy lights) so I am calling a cab. Anyways, like I told my fleet manager, it's only a problem when I try to sleep - as long as I am awake everything is honky dory; and I am at 3:00 am...and I really really don't want to be awake. So I'm off to see the wizard in a yellow cab. I am taking my cell phone with me, but here's the hospital info just in case:
St. Clare Hospital
11315 Bridgeport Way,
Lakewood, WA‎ - (253) 588-1711

Like I said, this is no big deal - worst case scenario, I get my tonsels out - yay!

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