Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SHARP MR-990 Boom Box with built in mini-organ & sequencer

sharp01nr2 Click to see full size image It's not often that I blog about something I saw on eBay.com but this one ranks pretty high on my list of coolest things I've ever seen. The MR-990 has a built in mini melody computer keyboard in sliding shelf and it's detachable.
The melody computer has sequencer function, so you can program your melody by step by step
and the melody computer automatically adds suitable accompaniment (chord and bass) for your melody. You can also just play this keyboard alone. According to the seller, it has a very warm analog sound. There are 3 sounds and 4 rhythms are selectable, has 2 octaves.
Lest we forget, this thing is also a boom box equip with twin cassette tape player/recorder, FM/AM radio tuner, 5-band equalizer,
detachable speakers and each control knobs etc.
If you want to check out the auction, it is eBay item#110370471690...and just a reminder, my birthday is coming up in a few months...

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