Saturday, March 28, 2009

♪ Somewhere on the wrong side of the Rainbow... ♫

weatherThere's no place like home [click click]...there's no place like home [click click]...there's no place like home [click click]...
Darn. Well, that didn't work (friggin' converse shoes...) so here I am in the flattest state of all, and I thought I was off to see the wonderful mechanic of Fontana, in the Emerald truck yard (in my emerald truck!) with my cat To- er, I mean Bowie...but anyways, it looks like I am going to be here for a while; and by here I mean this:
Phone photo0221 Yeah. I am not moving in this picture. In fact I am still not moving as I write this. I have not moved since last night. I used to say I was a "middle of the road" kinda guy but this is ridiculous. There was a snow rescue crew out here earlier who asked if we wanted to be taken into town, but I and the driver ahead of me declined as it is generally company policy to stay with your load, besides which I have the added problem of a battery that won't last more than a couple hours with the truck shut off. Now however, it occurs to me that I am low on fuel (I am 4 miles away from my fuel stop) so I won't be able to idle my truck much longer...I wonder how long it will be before I can move again? To be continued...

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