Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tonsillectomy Update

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I am currently in Huntington Beach recovering from my Tonsillectomy. The surgery went very smoothly and even waking up from the general anesthesia was much easier than my knee surgery all those years ago. I was awake and lucid and able to think and communicate clearly so the hospital staff was able to keep me very comfortable during my post-op recovery time. They offered pain killers after surgery but the local anaesthetic hadn't worn off yet so I wasn't yet in much pain, and I was enjoying feeling so rested and alert. Unfortunately I had failed to fill my prescription for the pain medicine I was supposed too take home with me before going into surgery so I had to wait until the next morning for that pain medicine - completely my fault. Also my uvula after surgery was approximately five times the normal size so I was dealing with an awkward gagging sensation that night in addition to the pain that increased as the local anesthetic wore off, but the next morning I got set up with my pain meds and everything else I needed thanks to my mom, my brother Ben, and his fiance Kareen (Ben & Kareen are graciously hosting my recovery here in Huntington). Yesterday I even had a visit from my friend Nicole though I didn't get a chance to visit with her man Yannis as he just returned to France. We went to Soup Plantation and I tried several soft foods (I was starving since I hadn't eaten for two days) but the only real success was the Jell-O. Kareen graciously made me a batch when I got back and that's been my mainstay. Today my uvula is much smaller so less gagging sensation and my throat is much less tender in general. The weather is gorgeous and my pain medication is working beautifully. That's all for now. Thanks everyone for your concern and help and support and love.

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