Monday, August 03, 2009

She Passed The Torch...And He Dropped It.

In case you hadn't heard my Fleet Manager (aka Supervisor, Dispatcher, etc.) is no longer with the company. I can't even begin to explain how dramatically that changes things for me as a Truck driver. It literally feels like I am working for a different company. The new guy (and yes I mean that in the most demeaning way possible at this moment in time), has so far botched every load I have gotten so far - which normally wouldn't bother me, but he has botched them in such a way that makes me look like I am the one screwing up. I obviously can't prove anything since I haven't bugged his phone or cubicle but I am getting the impression that he is blaming his mistakes one his drivers (i.e. me) which is really unnerving. If this really is the case then there are going to be problems and soon. I am still debating how to play this one, but for now I think I will wait and see what develops. If he really is blaming me for stuff and his supervisors don't see through it he will have to confront me directly at some point, and if that happens then we will definitely have some words and I will have his supervisor on speed-dial.
On the other hand...all this could just be chalked up to settling in to a new Driver-FM relationship, especially as he just inherited 50+ drivers basically overnight. Time will tell. If things start running smoother over the next few weeks then maybe that's all it is. We'll see. Anyways, if you call me and I sound grumpy, this is why.

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