Friday, September 25, 2009

Law is the crystallized prejudices of the community - Anonymous

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alarm Bells To Ring Me To Sleep

Just parked for the night and as I am getting ready for bed, I notice a black VW Jetta pull up to the building next to my destination. I notice because it's a large-ish office building in the middle of a large-ish quite industrial commercial complex and it's around midnight on a Saturday. Kind of an odd hour for people to be showing up for work. A guy and a girl get out and head towards the door. They pause a minute, then the guy gets out his keys and unlocks the door and goes in. I figure the guy left something and dropped by to retrieve it. In fact I really didn't think much about it at all until the alarm went off. Then my thoughts shifted from, "Huh...that's interesting," to "Wow, that's annoying." Dufus forgot to turn off the alarm I guess. Super loud. I waited as I visualized him picking up the call from the security company, giving the company password, explaining that he didn't get to the alarm on time, or forgot the pin number or something like that. I wait...and wait...and wait some more. The alarm is still sounding quite loudly as I begin to wonder if perhaps maybe there is some other explanation. Then I watch the girl come out and start the car, soon followed by the guy who exits the building, alarm still blaring, gets in to the car and rides off into the night. that's when I think, "WTF?" I sat wondering what to do. Call the police? No, most likely they were already on their way. Then all I could think was, "Well I hope they hurry up so someone can turn the damn alarm off. Then I thought, "Aw crap. Now there's going to be alarms and sirens most likely in conjunction with flashing lights." Not knowing what else to do, and not really being able to sleep with an alarm bell screaming at me just outside my window, I got out my computer and decided to blog about it (I considered posting I cry for help via twitter but figured it wouldn't be very effective). Right about the time I decided on a title for the post (My first idea was "No Alarms And No Surprises, Please") the alarm stopped. Peace and silence reigned again. So what the heck was that all about? No idea. Don't know don't care, so long as it's quiet again. And it is. So now I will sleep.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

When Art Turns Ugly

violenceI decided to spend my time working on an art concept I had. It involved finding actual photographs of violent acts (non-fatal) such as punching, slapping, kicking, choking, etc. and converting them into line drawings, stamps, prints and such with the possibility of making a collage or series of some sort. The initial attraction to the idea came from the sheer energy of the images, and how simplifying the images, stripping away colors, shades, etc. distilled the energy of the original image. As I continued however, something more emerged; being confronted with violence  in this way, often with women or children as the subject, couldn't help but evoke some emotion. Eventually some of the images I found, even though the victims suffered no worse than bruises, became so disturbing that I had to take a break. I think for  me it was the emotion displayed by the attackers that finally got to me. The emotions ranged from mere passionate rage, to utter malevolent hatred. I think for this reason alone, I am motivated to go through  with the project. Whatever art comes from this is not likely to sell much, but I think it will do a good job of illustrating the ugliness of violence and explore what creates it. If only I could find a way to not be "preaching to the choir" so-to-speak.


While sitting here relaxing at Starbucks is nice, it does mean that I am not working and therefore not making any money. This my second day back on the road, and things seem to be going pretty well, except for this fact. I do have a load but can't pick it up until 2:30pm, and it is going east (Salt Lake City) but doesn't deliver until Tuesday. This is the kind of pace I enjoyed when I either was new enough to still need to take things this slow or just didn't really need to make that much money. As it is I am still trying to pay off the expenses I incurred during my Tonsillectomy and recovery. Well, stressing about it isn't going to change anything, so I suppose I'll just enjoy the gorgeous weather and find something constructive or at least enjoyable to do with my time.