Monday, December 21, 2009

The Plan

Well, I've spent the last couple years devising my plans for my next career move as I've been trucking around the country, and the time has come to put the plan into action. I have finally put a deadline (though tentative) on my transition from trucking to the next thing.
The plan is to have enough money saved by next fall (2010) to enroll in the cosmetology program at Fullerton College in California. It's going to be challenging since I intend to have enough, not just to pay for school and supplies, but to pay for room and board for the duration of the program in the event that I can't find a job that will work with my school schedule. Most importantly, I want to pull this off myself without going into debt again. So yeah, I have a lot of saving to do in the next 9 months.
What makes this easier is that my only expenses at the moment are my cell phone and insurance on the 4-runner which together only amount to about $106. Besides that there's food and incidental stuff that I am trying to keep at about $140 a week, but every week is different when it comes to that stuff.
Other than that I do have a small worry in the back of my mind that maybe cutting hair won't be as enjoyable as I imagined at the outset. In particular I worry about finding a salon I will be happy working at. I dunno. Some people have been surprised at my interest in cutting hair and site my loathing for the shallow, image crazed culture so prominent in Los Angeles as one reason I should think twice about it. I can't deny that I will be confronted with this culture, but I also don't think all stylists or all salons or even all salon customers will be this way, in the same way that not all truck drivers fit the stereo types common to the trade. Even so, there is a sort of majority culture in trucking that I have learned to put up with that doesn't make my job any less enjoyable and I am hoping the same will be true in cosmetology. Any comments on this topic in particular would be welcome.
Other than that there is the challenge of saving the money itself. It's a rather aggressive, though I think achievable, savings plan amounting to about 75-80% of every paycheck (and this only possible because my expenses are so low).
Still, I realize that many of my friends and family are going through hard times and I need to remind myself of how many times I have received help in the past and not be a miser. I hope I will always be in a position to help my friends and family, though even there I should remember moderation so I don't end up needing to borrow again on my own account. The sort of "borrowing money from Peter so I can loan some to Paul" situation is just the kind of thing I can imagine myself doing. Anywho, hope everyone is doing well and preparing for a happy holiday. Those of you that I will see soon, I can't wait. I miss all my friends and family, I wish I could be with you all.

Friday, December 04, 2009

A Drawing

I drew this little doodle as I sat watching people at a truck stop this morning. The overhead speaker was playing some appallingly cheery Christmas music, but the faces I saw did not look cheered.
So many people are without jobs, some without homes, and some even without food this holiday season. Some can't afford to be with family, or feel they are not wanted or welcome. Be grateful for what you have, and try to be more generous to those who clearly don't have what you have. Who knows, someday it could be you sitting in that truck stop.