Friday, April 23, 2010

An Update on the Plan

I have been really enjoying the last couple days. I had sort of a rough start to this run when I left. Freight has been slow and my sleep rythm was a bit off so I was constantly tired which just basically messes everything up. My break in Portland was grrrreat! I had enough time to really enjoy my stay and not feel rushed. I got a good dose of Portland people, food, music, books, and beer; I also picked up some environmentally friendly / sustainable apparel. I have been replacing a few essential articles of cotton clothing with wool garments and the difference is amazing. Next time I stop by home I will be dropping off about 20 pairs of cotton socks and boxers and almost as many T-shirts that have now been replaced by two pairs each of their wool equivalent. This has made life easier on so many levels, including space and showers, laundry time. Wool clothing is no doubt expensive, but so far it has been well worth the expense.
Other than that and my new iPhone - which has also revolutionized my trucking experience - it's pretty much the same deal as before. Pick this up, drive it over there, etc.
The plan to retire from trucking is still in effect but the timeline has changed a little. I found an Aveda Salon in Cathedral City, CA (near Palm Springs) that has an apprenticeship program, which means I can work my way to a cosmotology license instead of paying to go to a school. This is also fortunate because Palm Springs is a much cheaper place to live than Fullerton. It is unfortunate that this means I won't be living in Fullerton, but I will at least be around a lot more than I am now. Anyways, as I was saying this changes the timeline. Now the plan is, as soon as I have made certain living arrangements (I am saving up to buy a camper trailer - gonna live desert rat style!) I will put in my application for the apprenticeship program. There may be a bit of a wait for a spot to open at the salon so in the meantime I will keep trucking. So that's the plan. Wish me luck!

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