Thursday, April 08, 2010

Weekend Break in Portland

It's been too long since I got to spend some quality time in Portland, OR, especially as it is on of my favorite cities in the US, so when I saw that my next load was delivering in Clackamas, just a busride away, I determined to take a couple days off here. Originally I'd planned on staying at a hostel downtown for $25, but when I got there all they were completely full. An expensive lesson learned. I booked a room at the closest hotel a few blocks away, conveniently across the street from Powell's books (where I intend to spend most of the day tomorrow) and as luck would have it they upgraded me to a "Jr. Suite" - which is basicaly a small apartment complete with kitchen, etc. - at no extra charge. Much nicer than staying at the hostel, I gotta say. So, I spent more than I'd planned on but I am definitely getting my money's worth. Anyhow, time for bed - I wanna be up in time for the complementry breakfast!

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