Monday, May 17, 2010

Updating The Plan

Since I am awake anyway, I thought I'd take a moment to update this thing. Nevermind that I would have had a night of uninterrupted sleep if my dispatchers could make up their mind about wether they wanted me to complete this load or relay it to another truck. When I went to bed they said complete it. Then a few hours later I get woken up by a driver knocking on my door. Says he's here to relay the load. Well anyhow at least the load will be ontome and it's no longer my problem.
So, about the plan. Yes it's changed. As we approach September it would be good to let y'all know. Most likely I will be driving just a little bit longer. Here's what's going on. After much consideration and a little looking around, I have decided to pursue a cosmotology apprenticeship instead of attending a school. I won't bore you with the pros and cons. Basically it's the best way to approach it while still keeping my options open should I decide it's not what I want after all. The place I have my eye on is in Cathedral City, CA. I will have to wait for a spot to open up after I apply for the apprenticeship, so the timeline is not definate. Once I apply I will continue trucking (or whatever else I find to do) until I get a position.
The nice thing about this plan is the part about living expenses. Since the place is out in the Coachella valley desert area, it will be possible for me to just get a camper trailer (I am saving up for a Scamp, Casita, or possibly a mini-Airstream) and camp in the desert, desert rat style, or possibly on a friend's property (I have a standing offer in Joshua Tree). Either way, much cheaper than rent - and no I am not planning on staying in an RV park because, yes, I already know that's about the same as paying rent for an apartment. I have some experiance camping in the desert; I did that for a semester at the local community college. This should be much more comfortable and is even an upgrade from living in my truck. There are some cons, but then there are for everything and the pros outwiegh them for me in this case. Anyhow, I see I haven't quite cured last night's grumpiness so I'm going back to bed. Thanks for reading and for your support.

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  1. When you come back to the desert, we gotta hang out!!!