Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Drama of Table Condiments

It's the midnight at a Kansas truck stop diner and I'm just finishing a meal that I don't know what to call. Dinner? Lunch? Breakfast? It's my first meal of the work day and I really don't want to think about what I just ate. Just think of the worst three things on a Denny's menu and you'll be on the right track.
All that aside I am actually feeling pretty good. I got a shower, laundry, a meal and all my paperwork done yesterday and even got to bed early enough to get some sleep in. Good thing too, because I have to leave at 2:00am to get this load to Missouri on time. The math is a little complicated, but it's also the earliest I can legally drive again according to the Hours of Service laws.
Anyways, I kinda like the idea of starting my next work week this way. It gives me a lot of flexibility.
This diner is way too quiet. The loudest audible sounds are the refrigerator running in the kitchen, the chink of the only waitress here sorting silverware, the cook's radio playing some old U2 song ("still haven't found what I'm looking for"), the creek of the door, the ice rattling in my plastic glass; all the sounds usually masked by conversation or restaurant music. Even the sound of street traffic or customers in the adjoining gas-mart is missing. Too quiet. I should go.
Crap. I still have an hour to wait before I can leave. I guess I could play with my iPhone. I just got a new app that allows me to make stop-motion animation movies of table condiments chasing each other around my table. It's amazing that something which used to require so much time and ambition has now become an idle pass-time.
Anyhow. I think I have an idea for a short film involving a spoon and a pepper shaker, so I'm gonna go. I should probably get some coffee as well.

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