Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Music Update

I've been using the Four-Track app on my iPhone to record music while on the road for the last couple months and it has dramatically increased my music productivity. I'm up to about 7 or 8 songs just in the last couple months. Not all of them are keepers of coarse but there are one or two gems. Mostly I have just been experamenting and learning how two work with this way of recording. The recording environment is usually pretty noisey, there is no way to add any effects like reverb, and the iPhones mic distorts easily (which can be a plus in some cases but mostly just makes mic placement very interesting). On the plus side, the four track app does have overall EQ and Compression tools, and bouncing tracks does not degrade the sound as much as a traditional analogue four-track would (although, analogue four-track veterines know this can be used as an advantage too, if you plan things right). I've also been working with a slightly different set of instruments. I finally got a ukelele (as some friends predicted I would) and have been using that a little excessively, as well as a harmonized chorus of vocals (oohs and aahs), and of coarse glockenspiel and organ. I've also finally picked up some precussive instruments like the egg shaker, a tamborine, and some jingle bells (also not suprising in my music). I've been doing so little guitar work in fact that I'm starting to get kinda rusty on that instrument. My fingers aren't as fast as they once were.
I've also noticed a definite shift from electronic beats to more organic/folk rythms. Not sure how I feel about this. I am thoroughly enjoying the folk feel but am a little concerned that influence may be homoginizing my music. I kinda want to preserve a somewhat awkward and suprising element to what I do while still writing stuff that is beautiful and has emotional content. I dunno. I guess I just I don't really think about it that much while I'm doing it (which is as it should be). In the end it just is what it is, and so long as I'm enjoying myself doing it, I consider it a success.

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