Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A question of hours

So, according to my plans from last night, I should have started off for Rancho at 8:00 am or so this morning. It is now after 5:00 pm and I still haven't left. I woke up exhausted this morning and opted for more sleep. Now I am left with a few options:
1.) set out immediately, and drive a full 10 hours
2.) set out immediately, stop before midnight
3.) wait until I have a 34 reset (7:00 am tomorrow)

Setting out immediately and driving 10 hours
Instant gratification
Would arrive ahead of schedule
Would arrive in time to swap important items to/from storage
More miles for the week

Would have to drive all night
Would not improve my sleep patterns
Would waste potential reset hours

Set out immediately stopping before midnight
Instant gratification
Fewer hours to drive over next 2 days
Could possibly stop to stock groceries
Could possibly stop somewhere with showers

Wastes potential reset hours
Less time upon arrival

Set out tomorrow after reset
Facilitates normal sleep schedule
Uses downtime for a 34 hour reset
Could take more time to settle into truck

Little or no time on arrival
Less miles for the week
Unlikely I will be able to sleep much tonight having slept most of the day

Undoubtedly I have found myself in a funk. This has been a common occurrence when doing short runs on I-5. The only upside to this is the opportunity to swap some items in/out of my truck when I get to Rancho to make things more comfortable. The main downside is that I missed an opportunity to end up in Rancho with a whole day to kill, driving during optimal daylight hours.
Oh well. I know I will eventually get a good rhythm going again. I will just have to salvage this one the best way I can. I guess ultimately I can leave anytime between now and 7:00 am tomorrow and drive for up to 10 hours. I'll see what my gut tells me since all the various pros and cons pretty much make it a toss up. See you in a couple days. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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