Saturday, June 11, 2011

So many words, and nothing to write them on

I am trying to get organized so I can start writing again but I am despairing in my search for an app to manage (and reliably store online) my various writing projects. I tried Evernote, Notebooks, My Writing, Daedalus, etc, but each app lacked something or was to complicated and distracting to make an effective writing app. I liked organizing things in notebooks as in the Notebooks and Evernote apps, but Notebooks is not really handy when it comes to exporting, and Evernote is just way too complex and distracting. I might take a second look at Notebooks but I'm not very keen at the moment. Daedalus is very slick and simple with an easy way to back things up, but it's not real handy when trying to organize my story projects. There are the blogs of coarse, but like Daedalus, I'm not really satisfied with their organization capabilities. (Big sigh) well, maybe if I can weed my day-to-day notes out of Notebooks and use it exclusively for writing that might work. I dunno. It's a lot of tedious shuffling of files around and I'm not really thrilled about it right now. Time to grab some food and hit the hay. Something will work out.

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