Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Time Recap

Here's a recap of the last few days:
10/17 arrive at home yard, check truck into shop
10/18 try to update software on iPad - total fail. iPad completely out of commission.
10/19 - 10/21 awesome times at Nicole & Yannis's wedding!
10/21 - check in with shop re: repairs - shop says had no idea truck was ever checked in. Checked truck in second time. Get iPad all fixed up at Apple Store, and go back to truck yard in Fontana for the night.
10/22 - realize I left stuff at Ace hotel, drive back to Palm Springs to pick up and have more good times with newly weds and crew...throat starts to feel a little itchy, sinuses a tad sensitive.
10/23 - check in with shop. Shop says truck was never checked in for repairs. Check truck in for repairs for the third time. Call supervisor to give them a heads up. Definitely experiencing some sinus discomfort and post-nasal drip; did not sleep at all previous night. Later on truck is reported ready and Dispatch has a load for me. I agree to take load, then call back 20 minutes later and cancel as I am really starting to feel sick.
10/24 - miserably sick all day. Sinus pain, congestion, runny everything, chills, aching joints, pain and congestion in ears.
10/25 - much better than previous day but still congested in ears and developing a painful cough. Hoping for better tomorrow.
10/26 - unable to sleep due to sinus discomfort, congestion, and cough, so decided to write on my blog and tell everyone about it...

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