Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's been a while...

A lot has happened since my last post. I was offered a job as an apartment manager, and decided not to take it (for the time being - although I was sorely tempted to), I have re-arranged the way I do my banking so that now 50% of my paycheck goes into a savings account that I can only get to when on home-time (which has been both difficult and extremely beneficial), I had a horrific experience at a sleep study center which enlightened me to previously unimagined methods of torture (involving a c-pap machine), I had various familiar trials and conquests in the world of trucking, my best friend moved to Portland (reviving my interest in the city since now I have a place to crash and someone to hang out with there), my aunt and uncle moved to the Seattle area and my grandma is preparing to join them, my brother and his family moved to Cleveland and my mom is preparing to join them, my friend Jeremy McCool and family moved to a house in Apple Valley and I am fantasizing about joining them, I've taken up painting and am having delusions of grandeur about my future as an artist, I've become addicted to Terry Pratchett's Disc-world series on audiobook, I am officiating at my best friends' wedding, I got ordained online (for the wedding) so now apparently (according to the website) I am qualified to do weddings and absolve people of their sins, I finally found an effective sleep aid (melatonin) that helps me go to sleep without giving me a hangover the next morning, I've somewhat broken my addiction to my iPad...ummm let's see what else...I've discovered the wonders of having a George Foreman grill in my truck...I may be closing my Citibank account out of protest as soon as I can find a satisfactory credit union...ummm...I weigh about 330 lbs now and am a little concerned about that since I weighed only about 240 when I started trucking 4 years ago...I started flossing every day and now my teeth always hurt...what else? I think I am getting into the realm of extremely mundane details now so maybe I'll stop. I'll try to do another update after the wedding next week.

To sum up, I'm still very happy trucking, still making progress financially, still dreaming of a home in the desert (though now the dream includes an airstream trailer), still trying to improve my health, etc. More later.

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