Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Most Unsatisfactory Day (Jeremiah complains about some stuff)

Today has just been LAAAAAAAME. It's been kind of a lame day. This morning's cold pizza, though usually quite satisfactory, was lame. Tough tasteless pizza jerky. Lame. I got off to a late start (also lame) and had some other lame experiences along the way. I'm stuck with audiobook reruns at the moment (kinda lame) since I can't afford to spring for fresh audiobooks at the moment. I got to a Truckstop in time for a cold shower (extremely lame) and in addition, the place I stopped for the night has no sit-down restaurants so I had to settle for McDonalds (the lameness is just getting started) which had no ice-cream products of any kind since their machine was broken (nominally lame) and which, though I was the only customer, took nearly 20 minutes (solidly lame) to serve up only 9 of the 10 (lame bonus!) fossilized chicken nuggets (lame score multiplier!) that I ordered. After I laughed that off, I went back to my truck intending to wind down with a Netflix movie BUT, AT&T has throttled down my connection speed so that it now takes 10 minutes to load 2 minutes of video (beyond lame) because they don't want to honor the "Unlimited" data plan that they signed me up for years back, but can't break the contract themselves so they are trying to coerce me into canceling it (forever) in favor of their current per MB plan (which is lame beyond description). So now here I sit, restless as the hours tick passed 3AM, un satisfied, unable to sleep and just generally feeling, well...lame. My truck is a mess, I have a delivery tomorrow that I need to rest up for, and now apparently my blog is broken (the background image is inexplicably missing), and when I try to login in to fix it I get this nice little error page (pictured below)...etc. etc. The lameness just goes on and on. If I can get to sleep somehow, maybe tomorrow will be better. How could it not be? Ok, don't answer that. Just...think happy thoughts. *big sigh*

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