Friday, January 06, 2012

The New Year

So far so good, 2012. I still have a few things left over from 2011 to worry about (still trying to get my passport, saving for a car for S. California, some medical stuff, etc.) but overall things are looking up. I am very comfortable in my truck / home - in fact I just had the place redone (i.e. new rugs and new bedding). I've go some ideas to make the place even more homey but I've got to keep an eye on my budget.
I have come a long way since this time last year when I was feeling desperate to get out of trucking. Now it's quite the reverse. I'm more than a little hesitant to stop trucking. I am enjoying myself and I can't stand the idea of paying rent somewhere. There's also the fact that in many ways trucking is socially less stressful than the daily whirlwind of life at "home." No bosses, no co-workers, almost no customers, and definitely no employees (although I kinda enjoyed having temps working for me in my previous line of work).
Just me and my truck. When things go wrong, there's no politics. Either I screwed up and it's my mess, or someone else did and it's...well, still my mess but it's not as bad when I know it wasn't my fault.
Do I miss people? Yes absolutely - but a lot of the people I miss I wouldn't get to see AT ALL if I got a local job. Instead of seeing some people all of the time (and a lot of people none of the time) I get to see pretty much everybody, some of the time.
Anywho. Things are good, I like what I'm doing and that's it for now. Oh, and these pictures from New Years.

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