Friday, October 26, 2012

Back to Basics

After living locally (more or less) from March through August, I am back to the nomad lifestyle with a post office box and a small storage unit. My "home" address is still in Tacoma, WA but I gave up my apartment after two consecutive months of spending little or no time there. In fact, I was never there long enough to even unpack which made moving a little easier.

I am actually really relieved to be free of the expense (both in time and money) and back to a simpler existence, though there are a few things I miss. Ultimately I think there were a few happenstances that conspired to end the attempt at changing to a local lifestyle, but ultimately I think I just wasn't prepared and tried to transition too quickly without really planning ahead. I still intend to take another whack at it but I think it will be a more gradual planned transition next time.
Meanwhile, I still LOVE my job. It affords me an unequalled freedom on so many levels. I have however been reminded of what I've been missing (primarily PEOPLE) and I still plan on trying to transition again at some point while still preserving the bridge back to trucking should I want to. I like to keep my options open.