Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On the Road Again?

I have a new plan, and yes, it does involve trucking. My last two attempts at leaving the industry were not planned out very well and typically involved me jumping at some opportunity before I was really prepared to support myself without my trucking income. This time I have a much more detailed plan that could have me out in a year and a half if I settle for a local job in the industry but I may benefit from going a little longer and getting set up in a job I will really enjoy. Right now that job seems to be web development, and hopefully smartphone app development. I have a passion (and I like to think a knack) for creating user interfaces. With some guidance from experienced friends and family, I may be able to get into this work with relatively little official schooling. Anyhow, it would be a new skill that would make use of my creative streak and engage my interest and I think offer a high degree of satisfaction. The next step in that direction is for me to have a computer on board my truck, or otherwise accessible on a regular basis, so that I can set up a developer environment and get started. The more I think about this, the more I think "why didn't I do this YEARS ago?" which is probably a sign that I'm heading the right direction.

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