Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Night Rider

Hello Virginia. Oh the lush green of Virginia in summer time. Oh the thick night air like a warm blanket - or like a damp pillow someone is trying to smother you with. Anywho I'm here.
There are pros and cons to driving all night in the eastern states. Pro: way less traffic. Con: What day is it again? Pro: better chance at finding parking in the early morning - slim chance in the evening. Con: trying to sleep during the day, getting your circadian rythms trying to play brazillian jazz instead of their usual conventional lullaby. Pro: getting more sleep while still making ontime delivery. More or less. Con: Catching up on sleep is not an optimal use of time for logging milage, but then again neither is falling asleep at the wheel and the consequences thereof.
Its a tough call to make sometimes but ultimately, when I'm exhausted - as I am now - if I can get more sleep in exchange for an all nighter, I'll take it. I'll get back on a normal rythm later. Meanwhile I apoligize for being out of touch as I will be sleeping during normal phine conversation hours. Don't worry though as you are all in my dreams. Seriously. It gets wierd sometimes. Like I'm usually back in highschool and can't find my pants or something. Anyways.
Until next time - adios!

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